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Cardiologs’ AI improves services for Cardiologists at three European medical centers

PARIS and BOSTONSept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cardiologs, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) cardiology diagnostics, is collaborating with cardiologists at three medical centers in France to strengthen their cardiology services.  Over the past year,  Pasteur Clinic (Toulouse), Ambroise Paré Clinic (Neuilly sur Seine) and Cardioréliance – Centre Cardiologique d’Orléans – Pôle Santé Oréliance center (Orléans) have all started using the company’s deep learning platform to support clinicians with automated electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis and diagnostics.

Since the coronavirus crisis began, medical centers have been quick to realize the challenges they face in managing care for patients with cardiac conditions, including the time it takes to read and assess the growing number of ECGs being processed. The added pressure of the Covid-19 pandemic on providers has made any solution that saves time and promotes telemedicine essential. As a result, we’re starting to see a significant uptick in the use of AI, which provides essential support for clinicians so they can dedicate their energy to the treatment of patients.” said Yann Fleureau, CEO of Cardiologs.

Our deployment coincided with the first quarantine in March 2020, and cloud technology, accessible from any terminal with the internet, was vital,” said Dr. Olivier Genée, a cardiologist at Cardioréliance – Centre Cardiologique d’Orléans – Pôle Santé Oréliance. “Cardiologs has since enabled all those involved in rhythmology to continue to work and collaborate remotely.”

 “The Oréliance health center was the first establishment to have subscribed to the solution offered by Cardiologs via its distributor Microport. The deployment was rapid and very efficient: we quickly succeeded in reducing the processing times for Holter-type assessments, and we are now able to deliver a diagnosis within two to three days at most, ” testifies Dr. Olivier Genée. A much-appreciated benefit in the context of additional pressure linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Its adoption coincided with the first lockdown, in March 2020, and cloud technology, accessible from any terminal with the internet, has been beneficial for working and collaborating remotely,” he adds.

Ambroise Paré Clinic in Neuilly-sur-Seine deployed Cardiologs in January 2021. Since then, the platform has also enabled rhythmologists to strengthen the analysis of long-term Holter electrocardiograms. The team says Cardiologs has improved its diagnostic profitability, and the clinic is now able to offer more long-term Holter examination appointments.

By saving time on long-term ECG analyzes, we were able to increase the number of appointments to meet demand,” said Dr. Arnaud Lazarus, Electrophysiologist at the Ambroise Paré Clinic. “The ability to connect at any time and from any location also gives us much greater flexibility. What’s more, the effectiveness of Cardiologs analysis provided significant time-saving benefits. Today we have significantly fewer false positives to sort through.

“The adoption of Cardiologs has opened up new possibilities for us. By saving time on long-term ECG analyses, we were able to increase their number and strengthen this activity to meet demand without increasing the analysis software specific to each manufacturer of Holter recorders. The ability to connect at any time and from any location also gives us much greater flexibility,” confirms Doctor Arnaud Lazarus of the Ambroise Paré clinic.

The Pasteur Clinic in Toulouse, recognized worldwide for its cardiology service, integrated Cardiologs into its diagnostic arsenal at the start of the year as well. Within weeks of deploying the solution, the clinic saw a noticeable increase in the processing of ECGs, which resulted in a 40% increase in the number of Holter data analyses.

Within a few weeks, we saw a noticeable acceleration in the processing of Holter results, as a result of significantly cutting down on analysis time. We were also able to speed up access to this exam in under three weeks,” said Dr. Romain Cassagneau, Electrophysiologist at the Pasteur Clinic in Toulouse. “The reliability of Cardiologs’ technology enabled the adoption of the software by the entire medical practice, who are now relieved of a time-consuming task that required substantial concentration. This has allowed us to increase our Holter business, and above everything else, to delegate the analysis and classification of signals to AI.

About Cardiologs
Cardiologs is a medical technology company committed to transforming cardiac diagnostics using medical-grade artificial intelligence and cloud technology. Developed in partnership with leading physicians, the Cardiologs Platform empowers clinicians worldwide to deliver expert cardiac care faster and more efficiently. CE-Marked and FDA cleared for detection of 14 cardiac arrhythmias, the Cardiologs Platform is built on a growing database of more than 20 million ECG recordings and is supported by a number of clinical publications.

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