Back to News and Events April 22, 2022

Cardiologs featured in latest issue of RythmologieS

Our most recent article about Cardiologs appeared in the latest issue of French publication “RythmologieS n°43 – Mars 2022”.

In the article, we talk about:

  • The current challenges when it comes to ECG analysis, especially for extended Holters
  • The benefits of the Cardiologs Holter platform
  • A glimpse into our users feedback
  • The future of AI applied in cardiac diagnostics

If you are keen on knowing more the impact Artificial Intelligence brings into ECG Analysis, you can read the full article, in French, here.

Catering to a French-speaking audience of Cardiologists and Electrophysiologists, RythmologieS is published and distributed by “Cardiologie Pratique“.