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Cardiologs further democratizes access to Holter data by introducing a new solution: ShareSpace

Paris and Boston, March 29th 2022 – Cardiologs, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) cardiology diagnostics, announced today the launch of a new solution within the Cardiologs Holter platform with the purpose of further democratizing access to Holter data.

The solution, called ShareSpace, addresses the different needs for clinicians and cardiac service providers that share the ultimate goal of growing their network using secure technology. 

Today, patients’ Holter recordings are distributed across different types of medical institutions, some of which lack cardiology expertise or the needed resources to do the analysis. In Europe, the outsourcing of Holter analysis is uncommon, partly because the data sharing methods are often rudimentary, cumbersome and unsecure. These challenges are the main causes of delayed Holter interpretation, impacting the way patients are ultimately being cared for.

Thanks to Cardiologs ShareSpace, healthcare professionals will be able to provide remote analysis services to primary care physicians and neurologists all the while reducing time to treatment by decreasing Holter reports turnaround time. 

“We have developed partnerships, whether with neurology departments that need to screen for atrial fibrillation for post-stroke assessments, or also with peripheral hospitals, for which we carry out Holter readings remotely. They are equipped with their own Holters, they upload them on the Cardiology Platform, we instantly receive and analyze them. The report is immediately available to them.” said Dr. Fiorella Salerno, Cardiac Electrophysiologist at the Institut Cardiovasculaire Paris-Sud.

For cardiac service providers, the challenges lay in building and maintaining IT infrastructures that can withstand the secure transfer of patient data and reports. 

With Cardiologs ShareSpace cloud-based solution for secure data-sharing, service providers can be freed from the burden of local infrastructures while benefiting from Cardiologs medical-grade AI and vendor neutral solution that helps them improve their operational efficiency and scale their services.

Cardiologs ShareSpace strengthens the company’s vision to democratize access to cardiac care: “By providing healthcare professionals with solutions that help centralize data analysis, we are unlocking a diagnostic bottleneck, therefore reducing diagnostic delays and further democratizing access to expert-level arrhythmia diagnosis. At Cardiologs, this has been our mission since the very beginning.” said Yann Fleureau, Cardiologs’ Co-Founder and CEO.

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