Cardiologs Holter for Clinicians

Your partner for more efficient arrhythmia diagnostics

Save time and treat more patients
Medical-grade AI
  • Deep-learning technology
  • Built on +20M recordings¹
  • Increased specificity & comparable sensitivity vs. traditional solutions²
Cloud-based technology
  • No local software installation required
  • Available anytime, anywhere
  • Secured data sharing with referrals through ShareSpace
Vendor-neutral solution
  • Compatible with various devices manufacturers³
  • Supports different recording modalities

Performance you can count on

Expert Level Performance

Peer-reviewed clinical studies have shown that our AI algorithms divide by 10 the number of false positive Afib episodes compared to traditional ECG analysis solutions, while keeping a similar sensitivity².

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Streamlined Analysis

Our Platform automates most of the labor so you can focus on the meaningful episodes. It helps you extend monitoring time while reducing your patient waiting list.

Analyze Holters from anywhere, between consultations or surgeries. Cardiologs also lets you integrate new devices, such as patches, with no additional software needed.

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Streamline arrhythmia diagnosis in 3 steps

1 Upload the signal
2 Analyze the ECG guided by AI
3 Generate the report
Dr. Jérôme Lacotte
Cardiac Electrophysiologist at the Institut Cardiovasculaire Paris-Sud (ICPS)

We need more solutions like Cardiologs, which help us save time by standardizing workflows and as a consequence, allows us to evolve towards a more efficient ecosystem that is open and facilitates collaboration.

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Dr. Fiorella Salerno
Cardiac Electrophysiologist at the Institut Cardiovasculaire Paris-Sud (ICPS)

Cardiologs allowed us to reduce time and streamline ECG analysis. Rarely does a Holter analysis take me more than a minute or two with Cardiologs.

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Dr. Laurent Fiorina
Cardiac Electrophysiologist at the Institut Cardiovasculaire Paris-Sud (ICPS)

Thanks to Cardiologs, we were able to significantly increase our fleet of Holters and diagnose more patients. We went from 10 to 30 Holter monitors in 2 years and thus tripled our diagnostic capacity for patients.

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