Cardiologs RPM

Unlock the potential of smartwatches for cardiac monitoring

For personalized clinical decisions, at scale
Streamlined data flow
  • Automated data flow from patients to physicians
  • Effortless patient enrollment
  • No device management
Efficient data triage & review
  • Centralized data review
  • Personalized triage criteria at patient level
  • Intuitive interface with prioritized review of most relevant strips
Automated reports
  • Automated generation of 30-day Summary Reports to document patient records

Make personalized and data-driven decisions

Deliver innovative personalized care

Easily integrate smartwatch ECGs in the clinical workflow, and leverage their monitoring potential at scale. Use information collected during the day-to-day lives of patients to support personalized data-driven clinical decision.

Differentiate your practice

Offer advanced remote cardiac monitoring services to your patients to grow your reputation as a patient-centric and innovative practice. All of this effortlessly!

Enhance patient experience

Empower your patients with a non-invasive cardiac monitoring solution and keep them engaged with intelligent notifications.
Save your patients unnecessary consultations while making them feel safer and cared for.

Streamline remote monitoring of patients in 3 easy steps

1 Invite patients & set personalized events triage criteria
2 Patients enroll in the App & record their ECGs
3 Review the recordings & get automated reports
Dr. Bill Keen
Chief of Cardiology at Health Nucleus, US

Cardiologs RPM has been invaluable for me and my patients. There is no other way to leverage smartwatch cardiac data so efficiently.

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Monitored for an Atrial Flutter

Enrollment in the App was really easy. My doctor was able to quickly adjust my medication as I was sending him ECGs to keep my Atrial Flutter under control. It saved me visits to their office.

Dr. Maria Rumsey
Cardiologist at Prima Care Cardiology, US

Cardiologs RPM is amazingly well done and straightforward. No more PDFs of ECG strips in emails, you see all smartwatch cardiac data centralized in the platform! It is very easy to use for both clinicians and patients.