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Reinventing cardiology by leveraging medical-grade AI and cloud-based technology

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We developed and certified a breakthrough in medical-grade AI

Since our foundation in 2014 in Paris, we have been focused on creating solutions that leverage the power of machine learning to help clinicians better manage patients suffering from cardiac arrhythmia disorders.

Very soon afterwards, we partnered with leading cardiology experts to develop and validate our cutting-edge solution.

Our Cardiologs Holter Platform is the worlds’ first medical device powered by deep learning technology to have the CE mark, and amongst the first to receive FDA clearance.

17 publications & abstracts
4 patents granted
140M+ ECGS processed
20000 years of ECG signal
Over 2 million patients diagnosed per year

We are building the future of cardiology diagnostics with AI-assisted analysis

At Cardiologs we are committed to keep on innovating and providing solutions to empower clinicians globally.

With the rise of digital health solutions, we are changing the patient pathway. We support that transformation by streamlining operational workflows, providing clinical accuracy and automated analysis.

AI carries the promise of a future where healthcare professionals have intelligent tools in-hand and patients have access to the best care.

Our Leadership Team

France Schwarz
General Manager
France leads the Cardiologs team and activities. Since joining Cardiologs, she has...
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Jia Li
Co-Founder, Science
Jia leads Scientific Development at Cardiologs with our growing team of R&D...
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Christine Henry
VP, Clinical Affairs
Christine drives the clinical strategy that supports regulatory, scientific and...
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Chandler Miller
Commercial, US
Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Chandler is Cardiologs’ Head of Sales in the...
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Justin Veri
Client Services
Justin and team represent the face of the company for Cardiologs’ customers. From...
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Laurent Fiorina
Medical Expert
Laurent has brought Cardiologs his expertise in cardiology and electrophysiology. He...
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Our Scientific Advisors and Clinical Partners

Jagmeet Singh MD, PhD
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Suneet Mittal BA, MD
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Niraj Varma MD, PhD
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Stephen W. Smith MD, PhD
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Eloi Marijon MD, PhD, FESC
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